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A Workplace Mediation Case Study


“Excellent help throughout the mediation process- I felt that I had been listened to”.

workplace  colleagues sharing a desk

The issue

  • Jenny and Ravi were part of a Project Team that involved deadlines and long working hours. 

  • Jennie complained about receiving offensive emails from Ravi. 

  • Ravi in turn alleged that Jennie was making him do her work on top of his own. 

  • As a result, Jennie and Ravi ceased communication with each other. The toxic atmosphere was affecting their work.

Mediation team collaboration

The solution


  • HR asked for mediation in the workplace to take place. 

  • We were able to identify that there existed a lack of communication and clarity regarding their roles, tasks and responsibilities was apparent. Ravi was not aware of what Jennie needed and Ravi was not aware of the scope of his responsibility. 

  • It became apparent that the Project Manager who led the team had failed to clearly set out Ravi and Jennies’ job roles which resulted in confusion over tasks and workloads and a breakdown in relationships. 

  • Once these underlying issues were identified we were able to explore options regarding solutions.

  • Ravi and Jennie’s job roles, tasks and responsibilities were clarified by the Project manager, and they all agreed to meet regularly to communicate their needs to one another.

  • Regular follow up meetings were held with the Project Manager so they could collectively work together to maintain and re- build their working relationship. 

  • A post mediation review was undertaken some 6 weeks after with Ravi and Jenni. It was established that although there had been initial teething issues, they were working with each other, and projects were now being delivered on time.

Mediation parties agreement.

The Outcome​

  • The mediation took one day to complete compared to 2.5 years if the workplace dispute had carried on to a tribunal or court hearing.

  • Hiring our mediators saved the employer thousands of pounds compared to if the case had gone to tribunal or a court hearing.


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