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Mediation Services Greenwich London

For an experienced, independent and impartial  mediation service 

Here are following ways we can help to resolve your  conflict or dispute

Our Services



Will Mediation

Administration of an estate


Management of an estate


Court of Protection

Deputyship order

Lasting power of attorney

Enduring power of attorney


Debt and Small Claims Recovery

Product Delivery

Service Delivery

Contract terms


Construction  Disputes 

Quality and standard of work


Recovery of debt



Neighbour Disputes


Boundary and fencing disputes

Parking boundaries and driveway disputes

Shared Amenities

Party Walls

Overhanging gutters




Landlord and Tenant

Rent Arrears

Property Repairs

Security Deposit

Communication Issues


Why Choose Us

We are rated excellent on Trustpilot

We operate in a way that we can provide all the support and flexibility you need for us to deliver a truly personal service at a price you can afford

Our team of many years of experience in providing this service within the mediation and legal sector which we use to support you. We are willing to listen to your story, intent on achieving the best possible outcome and devoted to being responsive and committed to keeping it simple

Our unique and flexible structure allows our team of mediators to work entirely remotely 

We operate a fast, cost effective and tailored solution to your dispute

We are a specialist service with full professional indemnity  insurance and DBS registered


What Our Clients say


Responsive and engaged with me promptly…. It’s always helpful to parties when the mediator is friendly, fair, and relatable.”

Our Guarantee

No Hidden Costs 

We promise to inform you before we begin and to keep you informed throughout so you are always sure what everything will cost

Clear Communication

Engage in straightforward jargon free conversations via your preferred communication methods

Free Initial Consultation

Book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced team at a time convenient for you to clarity on your needs

Flexible Availability 

Talk to us about your schedule, urgency and timeline to see how we can tailor the service you receive

In a free no obligation consultation we can give you an assessment relating to your situation as well as explore your available options and expected outcomes. we'll share some basic information about our services and offer a free quote


What is Mediation? Mediation is a process that addresses and resolves disputes that involve individuals, groups and organisations. Mediation is an alternative process to going through lenthy and expensive legal proceedings

Can I go to mediation on my own? Yes. Mediation is entirely voluntary. You only have to attend if you want to and you are free to leave at any point

Can I refuse mediation? Yes. You can refuse mediation. Mediation is voluntary. in some cases a judge may consider that an agreement could be reached in mediation.

Can mediation be done online? Yes, mediation is available on line. Online mediation has become a successful path to managing disputes.

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