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Change Management Mediation Services  

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Are you struggling with employee resistance to change within your organisation?
Our change management mediation services can help navigate through challenging transitions with ease and effectiveness. At Concilium Mediation we understand the complexities of change and the impact that it has on individuals within an organisation. Our change management mediation allows us to address the underlying concerns and issues and facilitate a successful transition or adaption for your employees

Why Choose Us

We are rated excellent on Trustpilot

We operate in a way that we can provide all the support and flexibility you need for us to deliver a truly personal service at a price you can afford

Our team of many years of experience in providing this service within the mediation and legal sector which we use to support you. We are willing to listen to your story, intent on achieving the best possible outcome and devoted to being responsive and committed to keeping it simple

Our unique and flexible structure allows our team of mediators to work entirely remotely 

We operate a fast, cost effective and tailored solution to your dispute

We are a specialist service with full professional indemnity  insurance 

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What is Change Management Mediation? Change Management Mediation is a process that involves mediating escalating tensions and conflicts that may arise during an organisation's change process or business change initiative

How can a Mediator identify the origins of a conflict during an organisational change? A mediator can play a crucial role in organisational change by gaining a clear understanding of the nature and extent of the change. This will include understanding the objectives, the advantages and the obstacles to the change as well as it's effects on the roles and the duties and expecatations of the involved parties. Through defining the change and fostering postive communication, the mediator can assist the parties to the conflict in confidently and collaboratively navigating the change.

How can change management learn from mediation in addressing resistance to change? Change management can benefit from adopting reframing techniques to address resistance to change by altering the way the introduction of change is presented aiming to elicit a more neutral and open response

How can mediation contribute to the successful change efforts in organisations? Mediation can play a pivitol role in successful change efforts within organisations, by aiding the indenfication of the root cause of conflict during organisational change, particuarly in addressing resistance to change. By providing a platform for parties to navigate chnage with confidence and collaboration, mediation can foster a postive and productive work environment ultimately contributingb to the sucess of change initiatives


Excellent help throughout the mediation process. I felt that I had been listened to

Maria Head of Operations

Superb, reassurance gave us

confidence. The mediators demonstrated an

understanding of our needs

and intuitively got the best out of everyone involved. I would recommend for complex issues at work


Grateful to have had the mediation anyways, it was cathartic and made the following months afterwards much easier.

Our Guarantee

No Hidden Costs 

We promise to inform you before we begin and to keep you informed throughout so you are always sure what everything will cost

Clear Communication

Engage in straightforward jargon free conversations via your preferred communication methods

Free Initial Consultation

Book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced team at a time convenient for you to clarity on your needs

Flexible Availability 

Talk to us about your schedule, urgency and timeline to see how we can tailor the service you receive

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Welcome to Concilium Mediation
You can leave a comment, ask a question or share your perspective or if you know someone who might be interested share this with them below. Alternatively if your organisation or business is involved with a leadership dispute and you are looking for independent mediators to support you, contact us for a Discovery Call to see how Concilium Mediation can help you.
 We will:
  • ​discuss your situation
  • ​explore a personalised solution tailored to your needs
  • clarity on available options to making an informed decision
  • you will walk away with a clear road map to navigate your situation with ease

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