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What is Change Management Mediation

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What is Change Management?

Let me first put the change management definition in context for you. If you think about change like two sides of a coin. There's the technical side of change where you design, develop and deliver a business initiative or organisational change to meet the need or the opportunity in front of us. Its where the digital revolution has lived and evolved and there are all sorts of technologies and approaches that we use on the technical side of the coin.
If we flip over the other side of the coin, this is the people side of change. That’s where we make sure that the solution is engaged, adopted and used by our employees and that is the human side of change management. This will be the scale and structured way we can help employees journey through the change experience of a  transition, adaptation and transformation; because if the employees are more successful going through that change, we know that the organization is ultimately more successful.
So change management has both skill sets understanding the human dynamics of change to help employees experience change more successfully which is repeatable and scalable that it applied to a business or organizational initiative.
What are the signs that an organization may have missed the road in handling the change management initiatives appropriately?

What is Resistance to Change 

There are many signs where an organization may have missed the mark on change management. The most significant is resistance to change, due to poor adaptation or usage on the solution being implemented and costs and risks that erode the good effect that comes from an employees personal performance.
As  a change management mediator, I see this show up in a number of different emotional interpersonal challenges to change:
  • disengagement
  • negativity
  • avoidance
  • work impact
  • change in behavioural requirements
  • loss
  • lack of trust
  • lack of communication
These are all symptoms that emerge when organisations are not adequately preparing, equipping or supporting employees that are experiencing resistance brought on from the change initiatives 

How does mediation support change management?

Change management mediation  recognizes the impact of change on employees by identifying the root causes of the resistance  and conflict and aims to minimize each issue by promoting open dialogue, trust, and collaboration among employees and managers to make the journey through the change a successful one.
Change management mediation also supports organisations and businesses to find solutions that everyone can agree to, by improving communication and allowing everyone involved in the mediation process to move forward, ultimately contributing to the success of the initiative and the overall wellbeing of the organisation.
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Winnie Onyekwere LLB LLM


You can leave a comment, ask a question, share your perspective below. Alternatively, if your organisation or business is experiencing resistance or conflict and you are looking for mediation to support your organisational change or business initiative through a transition or digital transformation, contact us for a discovery call to see how we can help you 


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