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What is Workplace Mediation?

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Understanding workplace mediation

In the dynamic working world of organisations, business enterprises and even partnerships, conflict is inevitable. Differences in perspectives, interests and personalities can lead to disagreements, which left unsolved can disrupt the harmony of the workplace. This is where workplace mediation comes into play.

The Role of the Mediator

Workplace mediation involves the intervention of a neutral third party known as a Mediator to manage the resolution of conflicts and disagreements that may arise in any employment relationship. The primary goal of workplace mediation is to guide the involved employees towards reaching mutually acceptable solutions. It is not about assigning blame or determining who is right or wrong, but rather about finding a way forward that all the parties involved can agree upon. The Mediator’s role is to encourage open and honest communication, identify issues, and provide guidance without making decisions for the parties.
Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR
On the spectrum Mediation is one the options of possibilities on the alternative dispute resolution model
Mediation Alternative dispute resolution infographic
So when you look at the lower end of the spectrum for employees, the resolution can happen between them without any involvement. But when a conflict cannot be resolved on its own, the opportunity to bring in a mediator is introduced. However, if the conflict is not addressed at this point on the spectrum, and employees choose not to have their voices heard or not to participate in a mediation, that’s where the problem or conflict can escalate.  

Benefits of workplace mediation

Ultimately the workplace mediation empowers the employees to take control of the outcome, work through their differences, prevents the conflict from escalating into more serious issues and ultimately helps them to reach a flexible agreement that can help restore harmony in the workplace environment.

When should you use mediation?

Mediation for the workplace should be used as early as possible when the conflict arises. It’s an invaluable tool for leaders to manage conflicts effectively, promote fairness, and maintain a positive work environment. Understanding the appropriate times to use it can empower leaders to navigate workplace conflicts with confidence

Winnie Onyekwere LLB LLM


If you require help, we would be happy to provide you with workplace mediation support for your business or organisation . Just connect with us below or if you know someone who might be interested share this with them.
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