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How can workplace mediation help to prevent escalation of conflicts?

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Early Conflict Resolution

When it comes to the benefits of using workplace mediation for early conflict resolution, mediation provides a confidential and less formal space for employees to speak openly without inhibition or repercussions. The impartial nature of my position as an independent workplace mediator, and the focus of finding a solution to the conflict, in my experience, I’ve found that this leads to a more honest and constructive conversations with the involved employee, that ultimately helps them to find solutions that everyone can agree to, without determining who’s right and who is wrong. The voluntary nature of mediation gives the employee a powerful sense of ownership of the resolution process.

Avoiding escalation of a conflict to become a dispute

The process averts further escalation of more significant issues and disruption within a team. I find that by addressing issues early that require attention, organisations can prevent the conflicts from festering and potentially causing larger disruptions for the future. Indeed, in an ACAS report Estimating the Costs of Workplace Conflict, it recommends employers invest in early intervention such as mediation to prevent conflicts from escalating.     It’s a quick way to resolving disagreements, preserves relationships, reduces stress, and keeps valuable employees, engaged and motivated.
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Winnie Onyekwere LLB LLM


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