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How does mediation work?

Pre-Mediation Meeting
At the start of the mediation process, the Mediator will contact you to arrange an individual pre-mediation meeting.
The Mediator will:
  • Provide an explanation of what a mediation is
  • Explain the mediator’s role in the process
  • Address any questions and address any fears
  • Secure a commitment from you to mediate
Mediation meeting
You will then be invited into a mediation meeting with the other party to the conflict or dispute.
  • In a joint session, the mediator will ask each party to make an opening statement. The purpose of the opening presentations is an opportunity for everyone to present their concerns and issues of the case. It will allow the mediator to assess how far apart the parties are on the issues.
  • Following the opening statements, the mediator will conduct a series of one-on-one private sessions with each party, seeking to learn more about each party's expectations and to test the parties as to the strengths and weaknesses of their case.
  • During the mediation the Mediator will seek to explore the possibility of moving towards a settlement, by encouraging the parties to make offers, counter offers and solutions that with work the parties. The agreement will be one that has been created by the involved parties alone.


  • If a settlement is reached which is acceptable to all the parties, the mediator will help draw up an agreement, which will become binding once it is signed by all the parties.
Mediation is a collaborative and effective way to resolve conflicts and reach mutually acceptable agreements. By understanding the mediation process and the role of the Mediator, the involved parties can work together to find creative and effective solutions to their disputes.
Winnie Onyekwere LLB LLM
Mediation Expert explaining to client


Alternatively, if you require help, we would be happy to provide you with support for your mediation matter. Just connect with me below or if you know someone who might be interested share this with them.
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